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Professional Sports Agent Representation

Professional Sports Agent Representation
The widespread growth and popularity of sports has led to a rise in the complexity of the legal issues now facing the modern professional athlete.  When evaluating potential agents for representation, it is critical to choose an attorney as their agent. The Law Offices Of Bruce H. Neumann,  LLC is a full service agency to guide you and help you make informed decisions regarding your sports career.  From contract negotiation, to product endorsement, to career counseling, to public relations, an attorney has a unique set of skills to provide the expertise necessary in today’s changing legal world.  We advise players and their families concerning financial strategies, investment options, and tax implications of their earnings.

We have a unique and innovative approach to representing athletes in contract negotiations and general career planning at our law firm.  We use state of the art resources to be prepared to protect your legal interests at all levels of player development and marketing.  We are dedicated to providing the very best in elite personal service to our clients as they prepare to enter the world of professional sports.  Legal representation may be referred to other attorneys.

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