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BABY POWDER CANCER LAWSUITS - Have you suffered a diagnosis of Ovarian 
         Cancer from baby powder use for feminine hygiene?  Compelling evidence of a 
         link between talc and Ovarian Cancer dates back to 1971 when scientists first 
         found talc particles in ovarian and cervical tumors.  Johnson & Johnson has 
         refused to remove talc from their products nor have they warned of the cancer
         risk from long term use.

INVOKANA - Did you suffer Diabetic Ketoacidosis from SGLT2 inhibitors?

BARD IVC FILTER IMPLANTS - Did you or a loved one suffer from Blood Clots 
                                                      entering your lungs caused by this implant?

BENICAR - Have you or a loved one suffered from a Serious Gastrointestinal   
                    Disease after using Benicar to control high blood pressure?

BAIR HUGGER - Did you or a loved one contract a Serious Infection after Joint 
                             Replacement Surgery?  It may have been because the hospital used
                             a Bair Hugger Forced Air Warming Blanket.

ZOFRAN -  Have you taken during Pregnancy and has your baby suffered from Birth
                   Defects, Heart Defects, Cleft Palates, or Kidney Malformation?

XARELTO -  Have you suffered from Uncontrolled Bleeding or has a loved one 
                     passed from a Wrongful Death case?


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