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Catastrophic Injury Attorneys

The Law Offices of Bruce H. Neumann, LLC, is a preeminent law firm pursuing justice for injured victims and their families concentrating on catastrophic injury, mesothelioma cancer, medical malpractice, class actions, and devastating cases involving personal injury.

We have the experience and expertise to work closely with you to help ensure you receive the legal, medical insurance and financial assistance to which you are entitled. Our lawyers are dedicated to superior advocacy and will fight to recover the compensation you deserve if you can prove your injuries stemmed from the negligence or carelessness of another.
Our attorneys understand the pain that victims and families endure from serious injuries and are passionate about our fight to win your case. Our law firm offers free case evaluations and there are no legal fees charged to victims unless we recover compensation for you.

If you have been catastrophically injured, involved in a devastating accident, have a Philadelphia asbestos attorney case, or need a Philadelphia mesothelioma lawyer, you have legal rights that entitle you to compensation for your injuries.

When searching for a Philadelphia wrongful death attorney, or a Philadelphia medical malpractice attorney, to help victims pursue justice, the decision regarding who you choose to represent you is a matter of utmost concern.

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Did you know that Johnson's Baby Powder may increase the risk of ovarian cancer for women? In fact, over two thousand lawsuits have already been filed across the country. 
Get a Free Case Evaluation
Our law offices are currently accepting Baby Powder cases from all fifty states. If you’ve suffered a diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer from feminine hygiene use, contact us for a free case evaluation.

Have you suffered a serious or devastating injury from an accident in Philadelphia? Are you looking for a Mesothelioma Lawyer in Philadelphia? We specialize in these types of cases in order to recover compensation and pursue justice for victims and their families.
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